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Heechul Oppa
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Wednesday, 24 August 2011 | 04:58 | 0 Atasinchi
he was leave me alone , i don't know why . i'm so sad because he leave me . what can i do now ? just let he go ? i don't want he forget me forever . i need him , i need him to accompany me in my life .he's my first love and my last love . even though he left me . i'll love him . i'm not a great lover to love him . day by day i try to let he go but i cannot to forget him . every night i keep thinking about him . he break my heart , it's  can do i'm so sick . he make me cry , i cannot stop my love to him .  his love not easy to me , his memories not eazy to me and is everything not eazy to me . now , i decided to let he go . maybe it's can do he was happy . i hope he will turn to me and love me forever . i will try to get him back .

Welcome :)

Annyeong n Assalamualaikum
Im Faten. Welcome to my blog :D
Nice to know you babe :D